Journey Bound Quartet Ministries

For over 20 years, Journey Bound Quartet has been bringing southern gospel music to audiences around the upper Midwest.  Their ministry in music has been used by God to bring the message of salvation to the lost and to bring encouragement, hope, and inspiration to thousands of Christians who love the Lord and desire to live more fully to His Glory.

The ministry is non-profit.  All income received from concerts and CD sales goes right back into the ministry to cover the expenses of travel, equipment, and donations to other Christian ministries.  Though most of their concerts are in or around Iowa, Journey Bound has had the opportunity to sing throughout the Midwest as well as to audiences from coast to coast.  They have also had the thrill of peforming on the Caribbean Sea and along the shores of Alaska.  Wherever they sing, their goal is to bring glory to God. 

If you, or someone you know, wants to see Journey Bound perform, check out the Schedule for a concert near you.  If you are interested in booking a concert, please click on the Contacts page. 

May His Name Be Praised!